June 24, 2008
Sivan 21, 5768 
This is an email announcement regarding the documentary film, Lonely Man of Faith: The Life and Legacy of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik
I wanted to remind you that the film will be returning to Boston this week and next for three screenings: This Thursday at 4 PM, this Sunday at 12:45 PM, and next Thursday July 3 (Sivan 30) at 3 PM.  The screenings will be held at the Museum of Fine Arts, on 465 Huntington Avenue, as part of the Boston Jewish Film Festival Encore Series.  I will be attending the screening on Sunday, June 29, to speak about the film and answer questions.  If you are there, please stop by and say hello.  To order tickets, either click on the above link or call 617-369-3306,  Please be sure to let your friends/family know about the screenings, as this may be the last ones in Boston for some time.
Also, I'd like to ask for a volunteer in Boston who can help put up fliers in the local synagogues, restaurants, and shops, over the next couple of days.  Please email me if you can help: ethan@secondlookproductions.com.
NEW: On August 3, the film will screen at Lido Beach Synagogue, in Long Island, NY.  More details to follow.
I'd appreciate it if you could forward this email to anyone else who might be interested in this information.  And here's a link to the Facebook group for the film.

Here's a report on some recent screenings and reactions:
As I mentioned last time, there was a screening on June 11 at the Jerusalem Cinematheque.  I received the following encouraging email:
"Just to let you know, I give an outreach shiur at my work here in Jerusalem and am always quoting the Rav, so one of my [more secular] guys took the opportunity of the Jerusalem screening to learn about the Rav - for me it was worth the screening just for him!   So even in the "modest" turnout you are making a powerful impact."
Last Wednesday, there was a screening at Congregation Ohab Zedek, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Over 100 people came to see the film and for a panel afterwards, featuring Rabbi Shalom Rephun, who was in one of the Rav's first classes, Rabbi Nati Helfgot, author of a collection of letters and articles written by the Rav (and an advisor on the film), and myself.  One viewer wrote: "Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to learn more about this incredible man. Yasher Koach!"
I also wanted to share an interesting screening experience reported by one of the film's biggest fans:
"I attended the screening in Sderot [Israel] a few weeks ago, even though I had seen the movie twice.  (My son is on a base near Sderot and I wanted him to see it).  During the screening there was a bombardment of missiles. The Cinemateque doubles as a bomb shelter so 'the show went on.'"
If you have your own interesting experiences or stories connected to the film, please don't hesitate to share them with me.  You can simply reply to this email (don't worry, it will only go to me). 

If anyone is interested in organizing a screening outside of Israel, please contact outreach@secondlookproductions.com.
For screenings within Israel, contact Hedva Goldschmidt, of Go2Films.
Take care,
Ethan Isenberg