Special notice for those who have purchased the DVD at the 2010 Yeshiva University Seforim Sale between January 24 and February 15, 2010.


First of all, thank you for being s supporter of the film and for buying a copy of the DVD when if first was released.

Unfortunately, It turns out that there was a maufacturing defect that affected many of the discs at the Sale. As a result, your copy may skip or stall at various points throughout the film, such as at the 6:36 mark, at the introduction of the Brisker Method (where there are two Talmuds and two Mishneh Torahs on the table), and later on, when discussing the works studied by Rabbi Soloveitchik in Berlin.

If your copy has been affected, then we will gladly issue you a replacement.

Please contact us at: returns@secondlookproductions.com.

We apologize for the inconvenience.


Ethan Isenberg