Lonely Man of Faith deals with the life and legacy of
Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, who arguably was the
most influential leader of the American Jewish
community in the Twentieth Century.   Over the course
of his more than four decades at Yeshiva University, he
ordained some 2,000 rabbis – more than any other figure
in Jewish History.   Known as “The Rav”, he was a
widely acknowledged Talmudic mastermind, and at the
same time, he was an important philosophical thinker.

Rabbi Soloveitchik spent much of his life trying to
negotiate between the demands of Judaism and the
opportunities of the modern age, and this struggle
became a constant theme throughout his writings and
teachings.   He encouraged his community to
accommodate the positive developments of modernity,
while fighting those trends he perceived as negative,
such as increased secularism and excessive
parochialism.   Now, over two decades after his
departure from the public scene, Rabbi Soloveitchik’s
impact reverberates even today, as his students, friends,
and family continue to debate his complicated legacy.

Lonely Man of Faith is narrated by Tovah Feldshuh, with
readings by Theodore Bikel.  The film was produced
and directed by Ethan Isenberg.
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